Tijana bASS Comes To America For Recording, Photos, etc.

April 1st, 2006

Just recently this February 2006 tiJANA bASS has spent the last week of the month recording and preparing material for her hot debut album coming out in September 2006 through Chuck D's "SLAMjamz"

The album will be called "I'M NOT THAT GiRL", and will be a real life story of Serbian rapper/singer/dancer tiJANA bASS Eastern-European artist talking about surviving the Ex-Yugoslavian war and still being able to enjoy life as a conscious woman with her strong REvolutionary, SExy, POwerful message.
She joined her producer STUDDAHMAN, Dj JOHNNY JUiCE and KYLE ICE JASON in the Roosevelt Long Island studio "The ice house" where the songs were recorded and are being mixed and arranged as we speak.

Throughout the whole Nyc experience the famous "PUBLiC ENEMY" producer Studdahman was documenting her and her experiences. The real and daring material will be used for her DVD- coming out in September as well. It will be very refreshing and exciting since "the BASS" DVD will be a mix of her European roots combined with the Nyc happenings, since Studdahman was with miss Bass in Europe/Slovenia before Nyc to interview her about her thoughts on life and post-war situation in that part of Europe.

Another exciting interview tiJANA did was with the legendary WILDMAN STEVE, (a famous radio host of "WBAU"), now doing his tv show called sub-culture radio in Long Island Ny. There is a reason why mr. Wildman Steve is called legendary- he has done interviews with the likes of Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, LL CooL J,Eminem and just anybody who was starting out in rap has gone through the heart of Long Island Nyc which was "WBAU".

When it comes to interviews, there is never enough a new fresh artist can do. Each promotion is well needed and so tiJANA and her CO-SiGNERS team were also invited on AiR AMERiCA to do a radio show called "ON THE REAL". They were interviewed by miss Gia'na Garel, SUPANova and surprised guest---CHUCK D called in to ask tiJANA and her team some politically influential questions.
Some deep thoughts and views on life were expressed there as well as the premier of her new dance single "Bad BOYS,bad GiRLS", a duet with a talented soul-jazz singer Kyle Jason.

It was a long and diverse week for T.bASS but she didn't stop at that. She also did 3 videos for her 3 hot singles. Doing videos was very fun for the whole SLAMjamz team and it was very educational working with the video director C'doc from the SLAMjamz group "The Impossebulls". Miss bASS showed her high level of energy as well as her dancing skills in the famous Queens "DE VORE" dance school, where mrs. Devore and her dancers did incredible choreography and are also featured in two of the videos ("I'm not that girl" & "badboys, badgirls").

It was only 7 days but a lot of things to do and not only that tiJANA and her team did all of this but the amazing Chuck D the frontman of the legendary PUBLiC ENEMY the main person in charge of the label made sure that miss bASS has a high- profile photographer mr. MARViN JOHNS. The photo-shoot lasted for long 10 hours and was done on 3 incredible locations.
The long enticipated bASS album will be out in September 2006 so keep peeping!!!