Tijana bASS Takes Over Eastern Europe MTV with FACE Of FREEDOM Video

March 17th, 2011

Recently Tijana bASS and Chuck D took over MTV Adria in the Balkans as a major part of the Face Of Freedom campaign, the song and video that intends to repurpose hip hops meaning of daring to change the world.

The starting point of the project is the upcoming single 'Face of Freedom' by the
rapper and singer Tijana Bass, who has been working for several years under the
guidance of SLAMJamz Records. Local media colleagues in the
Balkan region are encouraged to help raise
awareness for the growth and trouble of neo-fascism, infringement of
the basic human rights and neo-nazism. Facing these issues on
a daily basis, Face of Freedom challenges this hatred.

The music video will be promoted globally through all available
resources of the SLAMjamz Records company, MTV, all major music
programs around the world, radio stations, web sites and international
newspaper publishers.

OFFICIAL Face of Freedom Video Trailer

The promotion of the portal was a part of the Public Enemy
European tour in November 2010

A more detailed plan for the promotion will soon be available for distribution.

Tijana Bass

Born under the brave sign of Saggitarius, Tijana quite early began to show empathy
for injustice and discrimination. Raised by successful parents, her childhood
was paved with a strong will to live, lled with creativity and justice. But soon her
idyllic life has turned into a nightmare in a blink of an eye, for she was forced to
abandon her home with her family in 1991 and become a refugee. It is not surprising
that in her lyrics today, we can feel an explosion of thoughts, a childhood
that has not been lived to its fullest, brutality, anger, determination and freedom,
but also eroticism and sex.

Tijana Bass says that she lives like a Gypsy. Although she loves Slovenia and the city of Maribor, that
opened its doors for her family during the war in Croatia, Tijana will always feel cosmopolitan.
'Once you are uprooted, you become resistant to everything!' she says.

Outdoggy video

The music video for the project is being directed by David Burk and Robert
Hedzet; they have over 20 videos between them. Their work has been
viewed by over 2 million people in eighteen months on various sources on
the internet. Their eld of work includes the entire Balkans. Currently they
are working on four videos, two in Serbia and two in Croatia.
The entire showreel can be viewed on the next link:

Aleksander Legen

A student before graduation (Arthouse-College of Visual Arts) and a freelance
designer. As the owner of ArtDigital brand, Aleksander Legen is the
author of the graphic design and the artistic director of the 'Face of Freedom'

Sran Trifunovic

A freelance producer, conceptualist, adviser for communication strategies,
business development, branding etc. Srdjan has been working for a number
of years as an independent adviser and producer, he brie y worked as
an expert in web advertising. He has been active since he was 15 when he
hosted the legendary radio show on Radio Marsh, 'Rockabilly World'. Later
on he has been busy with creating multimedia content, lming and working
with companies of all sizes.

Bojan Ristic
Brass Band

Bojan Ristic, the leader of Brass Band, was born in a family with lots of musical
experience. His grandfather, Zika Ristic, the famous Deda Zika, was an
excellent drummer. The passion for drums passed on to Bojan's father, but
Bojan digressed from the family tradition and started playing the trumpet.

Baby Dooks

Baby Dooks is a member of an excellent Croatian hip hop group Bolesna
Braca - one of the legends of the Croatian hip hop scene, together with
TRAM 11. He produced a number of songs for both Croatian and world hip
hop stars.
Baby Dooks is also the producer of the song 'Face of Freedom'.
song ;

Tijana Bass shared a link on ChuckDFamPage's Wall.

Chuck D & Tijana Bass are about to ''TAKEOVER'' MTV, watch the show
(on MTV Adria)!!!

Chuck D v MTV Takeover – MTV Takeover – TV — MTV Slovenija

Tijana's Wall, follow the link below: