Triniti: Engineer Extraordinaré – SLAMsouth

April 8th, 2006

By Marielle V. Turner, Virtual A&R,

Consider that an individual working behind the scenes has got no character that will ever interest you. Not a good feeling is it? That kind of thinking traps you in seeking pleasure from the entertainment portion of the experience. In critical opposition, the persona of Triniti is quite captivating. Look at that dude in the pic above. He looks just like he sounds too - real laid back and cool.

I had to do a phoner. Marielle in the Bx and Triniti in the ATL.

The opportunity to get to know him has given me faith in platonic friendships with members of the opposite sex. He was responsive, open, and friendly. That's all that I ask for. Mission accomplished. Listen…

Marielle: What is it that you do for the camp? Could you tell me?

Triniti: Yeah. What I do is I am the Engineering Producer and Studio Manager for SLAMjamz South.

Marielle: Where is that located?

Triniti: In College Park, Georgia.

Marielle: How did you come about the opportunity to be the Engineer for SLAM? Tell me about your affiliation with Chuck D. How did all that happen?

Triniti: It was actually kind of strange how we met up. I've been engineering for about 18 years. I've kind of got the geek thing goin' on. I was at a software training seminar, and I knew more than the instructor. Professor Griff happened to be there and he wanted me to help him since I knew more than the instructor. I didn't know who Griff was. I realized when I came to the studio and was like, "Oh, this is Public Enemy." So we recorded and he was like, "Why don't you just record all the time, since you like doin' it and you're good at it." So I was like, "Cool. No problem." Then the next person I recorded was Chuck. So I got a chance to meet him and we recorded together. He did like ten takes, shook my hand and said, "Good work Trin" and left. I was like, "Okay, that went smooth." I did kind of make one blunder. I kinda had the sound in his cans up too loud one time. I was like, "Great, I'm recording Chuck D and I'm blowin' his ears out. I guess he's used to it. We greeted each other and did the work. Things went smooth. He liked the experience so much that he was like, "I got somebody else I want you to record. Jon Marc Sandifer of 106th & Park was the producer of that show at the time. He had a group called General Pop. He wanted some engineering work done and some mixing work. The cycle just continued from there. They also had placements on a DVD and I did some work on that too. Then Jon Marc did another DVD called "Knowing Richard Black." He had me do some work for that. That relationship continues to grow. I've known Chuck now for about three years, maybe more. I've been here and there. I've gotten married and divorced. Inadvertently, things came back around to Chuck. He says, "I got this record label, and I'd love to have you on it." I was like, "Cool." He says, "We need a professional engineer.” I appreciated the love and ever since, things have been goin' good. Chuck is one of those guys who is great to know. You can't put a price on having a relationship with him. I look at him as a friend and at the end of the day he's a serious businessman too.

Marielle: Did you do any work on "Autobiography of Mistachuck?"

Triniti: No I didn't. I worked on "Revolverlution." That was the time I got involved with them. I actually helped Griff with, "And the Word Became Flesh." He couldn't give me credit at the time, and I didn't care, I was just happy to do it. Now the new PE album, "New Whirl Odor"…

Marielle: Oh that's the bomb!

Triniti: …It's kind of a reincarnation of "Fear of a Black Planet."

Marielle: Right.

Triniti: I said, "Chuck, that makes me remember when I was spinning on cardboard back in the day and my Mom yellin' at me to come in the house. I never thought I'd be working with the people I was spinning on the cardboard to. That album is really good.

Marielle: Yeah. I bought a copy. He thanked me in the liner notes.

Triniti: It's always good to get a thanks.

Marielle: So you live in Atlanta and deal with all the SLAMsouth people. Could you tell me which of the artists those are?

Triniti: Yes, I live in Atlanta and run the studio here. Pretty much all of the recording that happens in Atlanta as far as SLAMjamz is concerned happens here. I'm the guy that does it. There are Dirty North and MOST Hi-Fi. Lady Payn and Crew Girl Order are upcoming artists with SLAMsouth.

Marielle: MOST Hi-Fi. They're pubbing them a lot on the site.

Triniti: Yeah, they're coming out next. I engineered some of their project and I produced one of the songs on their album called "Here We Go." It's got a sample from an Isaac Hayes song. I think it's "Somebody To Love Me." My production tastes are a little different. I'm kind of eclectic. I tend to like Linkin Park, Bjork and Dido is my fav. You know. Stuff like that. So to be on the urban side of things is kind of different for me. ?However it’s fun!

Marielle: Do you like Rock music more?

Triniti: Well I'm from Kingsport, Tennessee. There was no Black music growing up. We got exposed to 38 Special and Jefferson Airplane, Cyndi Lauper and Fleetwood Mac.

Marielle: Oh my God (laughs). Well I had the Jackson 5ive and others.

Triniti: Well that's as close as we got.

Marielle: You didn't get Earth, Wind & Fire?

Triniti: Only if my Mom played it. On the radio - no.

Marielle: Who were some of your influences?

Triniti: From an engineering standpoint, growing up I did know who Marly Marl was. You can't listen to Eric B. and Rakim and not hear about Marly Marl. I listened to artists talk about him. I said, "I wanna do what he does." From there I just started looking behind the scenes. A close friend of mine, Dennis Hardison; now my manager, exposed me to the industry. He took me to Detroit - exposed me to the Four Tops Studios, Hitsville, USA. So my influences have been the older guys in the game. The guys who run the machine made me also want to do it. I heard the music from a production standpoint. You know, Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin. I like that music and that's what inspired me to want to do music. I listen to music as a movie director watches film. Looking for the flaws and listening to the sonic personality of it. It's kind of like my homework.

Marielle: Is there anything else that you do outside of SLAM?

Triniti: I got myself into another situation where I'm an online retailer. It's called Burnlounge. It's an online distributorship and retail base where artists can get the ability to sell their content and anyone else's content from indies to majors. It's another income stream where I can get the fans involved.

Marielle: Where did you get the name Triniti?

Triniti: I used to walk this boy home from school everyday. I told him I was into music and when I grow up I'm gonna name myself after him. I kind of protected him. He was kind of slow and I wondered why he walked home by himself.

Marielle: Would you like to tell me about the beginnings of SLAMjamz? What you know about how it started out?

Triniti: The good thing is that SLAMjamz gives artists the opportunity to play on a team, where at a major label, they wouldn't get to play at all.

Marielle: Did you go to school to be an engineer?

Triniti: No. All of my engineering experience comes just from that - experience.

Marielle: Well this concludes our interview.

Triniti: Maybe you can send me a copy and I can use clips from it for my music.

Marielle: I'd have to dub you a copy of this tape.

Triniti: You don't have an iPod?

Marielle: No.

Triniti: We'll all chip in and get you one.

He seems to have come by this talent he exhibits naturally. I guess when you live in the South, you can really feel the beat of the streets. You let in all the feelings of pain and love from all those around you. What an intense dude. See, you miss something if you don't look at life behind the scenes. He was all official. You can check him out at There's a few nice tracks on there to show the depth of styles emanating from Triniti.

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