Whoshe? Retina MC Will Be Showing Us All with New Media Company Launch

July 13th, 2020
With a new project streaming on all platforms, and both a book and documentary already out; Song Writer, Author, Director, and Producer; Retina MC is defying the slow down of 2020 in every way. She keeps busy adding to her roster of creative works including the recent formation of her own media company, Whoshe Entertainment, LLC. By bringing full-scale productions such as projects for film, TV, and print (as well as more music); her venture stands to bring women in media together and to the forefront. Long an advocate for empowering the lady MC's role in hip hop, she is also an advocate for underserved artists throughout the industry.   Her powerfully rendered book, Invisible Daughter, and the similarly entitled documentary tells of her compelling journey overcoming abandonment as a child. With her latest release, Can You See Me Now, on the SpitSlam label (Executive Produced by Chuck D) she ushers in music that is much needed for both its message and galvanizing beats. Her lyrical stylings on such tracks as "Born Invisible" and "Who She" gives us a look into her flow's fervor and well-represents an energetically produced collection.   In addition to the launch of her media company, she has also been appointed Musical Director for Height Magazine. All proving that by keeping her finger on the media's pulse, she knows exactly what entertainment needs, and how to deliver it in these chaotic times. Listen everywhere music is streamed and keep up with Retina MC on Instagram