Retina.MC — Bad Girl

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A song about a woman who is good at her craft(music,art,basketball,ect). She is so confident that she comes off as being a bad grrl. So now she just excepts it!

David C Snyder for HWIC SPITfilms filmed in Charlotte NC




BAD GIRL HOOK: Say what's up say what's up to the bad girl, throw it up throw it up for the bad girl, give me the mic give me the mic let me rock your world. You bad girl(I know it) You bad girl.

Verse 1 you can try and try hard but you can never be me, no need let's calab cause we not ever beefin, winter spring, fall, summer pick a season, CEO I own it I'm not ever leasing, my flow just hot I don't need a reason, they be like damn girl you stay beasting I'm here feet up I'm not ever leaving, some of ya'll need to wake up you still sleeping.

Pre Hook: This girl that bad girl better post that so you know that I got it in the bag hold that so good I'm bad know that Can't reach me phone tag retreat surrender white flag Retina a bad girl bad girl hashtag!

Verse 2 I'm so good that I'm bad I'm a just keep it real I get weak hot tracks my achilles heel if you got it then you got it but I must appeal trouble if I raise up like dollar bill work it out catch me if you can treadmill my life bio pic watch it movie reel I'm give it to you free so no need to steal try another chick you know play the field.