Retina.MC — RETINA.MC-Still I Cry featuring…

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A song about losing someone you love so unexpectedly, and still crying no matter how long ago the lost occurred. This song is dedicated to all the Mother's who sons were killed for no reason.


Video Producer David CDoc Snyder for HWIC Filmworks



HOOK: Still I cry I cry it's so hard to say goodbye and I know it's real life but I wish I could turn back time(repeat)

Verse 1 Still I cry when I'm alone I let my tears fall love of my life best friend I lost it all and this pain so deep it's like I'm loosing me I never loved someone so deeply we had a lot of dreams that I'm a see through forever in my heart will be a piece of you December 4th worst day of my life I gotta say goodbye but it just don't seem right.

PRE HOOK: Still I cry sleepless nights God knows why I look to the sky didn't get a chance to say goodbye(repeat)

Verse 2 So young and full of life it's just not fair this world my world you should be here I'm loving life but I feel so incomplete I lost you and in the process lost a part of me I know I gotta move on and be strong but my heart just won't except that your gone I know it's crazy but I kept your number in my phone so if you call me from heaven this your ringtone.